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Legacy Footprint

Legacy Footprint File Folders (Documents & Folders Included)

Legacy Footprint File Folders (Documents & Folders Included)

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This is a complete set of individually labeled hanging folders.

Each of the color coded sections contains sub folders for specific focus areas. 

We begin with an overview section that includes the Bill Pay Footprint, Digital Footprint and the Estate Footprint. 

Individual documents also included are: Benefit Footprint, Legal Footprint, Erasing My Footprint, Executor's Checklist, The Final Footprint and How to Write a Legacy Letter. 

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  • Plastic File Box

    This lightweight and easy to carry file box allows for mobility and quick access to your Legacy Footprint file folders. This is sold by Amazon and can be purchased direct from them by clicking here.

  • Fireproof Safe

    For added document safety, choose this Sentry fireproof, waterproof safe. Your Legacy Footprint files will be protected against fire and water when stored in this safe box. This product is sold by Amazon and can be purchased directly by clicking here.

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