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Legacy Footprint was created with the goal of helping you get organzied. We discovered that organizing important documents was a perpetual item on many people's To Do list. That is why we created this complete filing system for all of your important documents.

Our filing system is designed for a trusted person to pick up the Legacy Footprint File and know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. 

The system begins with an overview section that includes a Bill Pay Footprint and an Estate Footprint. Both are designed to capture critical information in an easy to read format. 

Following the overview are the six remaining categories, each color coded with sub folders for easily locating documents relating to various segments of one's financial and legal affairs. 

 Everything organized in one place for easy access and peace of mind.

The Tools That Make Us Unique

Bill Pay Footprint - an overview of expenses, when they are due & how they are paid 

Digital Footprint -  lists items specific to today's technology driven world 

Estate Footprint - identifies important people & where critical documents are located. Includes a listing of all financial accounts

Benefit Footprint - quick reference sheet that lists the benefits your employer provides. Includes listing of which benefits you accepted and access information to your benefit website

Legal Footprint - summary of important legal designations 

Executor's Checklist - a timeline of tasks your estate executor should complete and when he/she should complete them 

Erasing My Footprint - resource tool to help the executor of your estate and/or trusted contact person to protect your identity after death 

The Final Footprint - A place to capture important information for your family to write an obituary and plan your funeral. A listing of your final wishes

Writing a Legacy Letter  

Our system works for families of all ages!

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